EAS Support
EAS Support

Description of the project:
Ethico Foods develops food products that is a healthy high protein vegan alternative has the taste and texture of meat. Since the products will be soy and gluten free, it is a challenge to develop a food recipe that has the texture of meat without these products. This is where the expertise of the food scientists has assisted in creating an innovative new product.

With this product, we are solving many issues like improving health with soy free diet and lower cholesterol and cancer. Producing this meat alternative in this innovative way also saves water, land and energy consumption which in turn helps the environment and animals.

A high protein, soy and gluten free vegan meat alternative was sucessfully developed through the Center of Food and Fermentation (TFTAK).

Title of the Fund:
Euroopa Liit Euroopa Regionaalarengu Fond (European Regional Development Fund)

Amount of the grant:
€ 4,825.00